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Monday, September 04, 2006

Unrealistic expectations.............

In my mind, which is a great place to be, I was sure I would finish the front of my Krista Tee this weekend. I mean it was a 3, THREE, day weekend. It made complete sense that I could have committed the entire weekend to finishing Krista; in my mind that is.

Of course I didn't factor in the boys or birthday celebrations or the Maryland State Fair. Nor did I even fathom that I might actually take an afternoon siesta two out of three days.

Here is Krista's progress...........I am/was almost finished the lace at the bottom of the front when I realized I had cast on w/ the larger of the two needles as opposed to the smaller. Looks like I'll be ripping this out in the morning.

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In other news, it looks like my Pure & Simple will be shipped out tomorrow for Stitch Diva's Fitted Bodice. I'm giving myself this week to finish Krista and hope to cast on next Sunday or Monday.


At 7:03 AM, Blogger Laura said...

Oh man, I get a lot done this weekend, but it was none of the stuff I had planned!

I'm excited to see your pure and simple arrive! You will definitely have to finish Krista first because once that shows up, you will be DYING to start the SKB!


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