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Sunday, August 20, 2006

Missed it by a front and two sleeves

Well today is my birthday!!!!!

Great day!! Spent a lovely time with my boys and then dinner and cake + presents over my parents house. Only thing missing was Twin A who unfortunately had vacations plans over our birthday weekend.

Ummmm........okay Twin A wasn't the only thing Krista Tee was absent. Well she wasn't absent but only the back of her was present.....I still have the front and two sleeves to go so I didn't make my knitting deadline. While I'm a bit bummed she isn't done to wear to work tomorrow w/ my new birthday pants, with all that has been going on around here at CCKs, I'm not the bit surprised. I believe I started her on July the 16th or 17th, however I've only knit on her a handful of days. I must be more dedicated to the front so I can git'er done, as they say. I hope to finish the sleeves tonight. Wish me luck!! :)


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