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Thursday, March 09, 2006

....and then there were five

One very cool, strike that, cold day in the office I decided I need a shawl. You know, an office shawl for when I'm chilly to lay over the back of my chair**. I decided that Ella was just the ticket.

**Keep in mind I'm rarely ever cold but I know all the knitting goodness wrap up in the shawl will bring me constant joy while I toil away at work. :)

I found some Twisted Sisters Jazz Hand Paint in the #10 colorway and fell in love.
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However, I was a tad disappointed in the colorway as there wasn't as much blue as I expected from the photo swatch at Yarn Market. Then I found I didn't order enough skeins. :( Thankfully, there were a few remaining skeins left in the same dye lot. It is my understanding from the customer representative that Twisted Sister's Dyelots are never, NEVER, the same. In fact, per the representative, it never looks like the same color twice. Thanking my lucky stars I ordered my needed skeins.

And then I was in LOVE once more. Aren't they lovely?!?! Much more blue than the first...........Ella is going to be gorgeous.

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Here is a picture of them side by side. The first three from the left was my 1st order and the two on the right my 2nd order. I'm going to use the skein w/ the least amount of blue at the end as you start at the point of the triangle up increasing stitches. That way, I figured I'll have the fewest rows w/ just yellow and green and put all the yummy blue goodness in the bottom and middle where it will be seen.
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