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Friday, January 21, 2005

Admitting defeat **head hanging**

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I admitted defeat and cried Arrrgh!!! on the pirate sweater. I didn't have it finished for the little one's birthday. I had hoped to finish his birthday weekend but alas, the obessive knitting energy I had prior to his birthday left me and I was, well, exhausted.

On a brighter note the Pirate Party was a success!! He loved his Peter Pan and Captain Hook Dolls. Oops, I mean Action Figures. Logan corrected me at the party. Said in his most outraged voice, "They are not dolls Mom!!" "Girls play with dolls, they are action figures!" I had to chuckle.

Expecting 6" - 12" of snow this weekend here in Maryland. While those of you live in colder climates may think that is nothing, here in Maryland a few inches closes schools and businesses or at least causes serious a delays. Traffic, don't even want to talk about what it does to traffic. So I hope to get much knitting done this weekend as I will not be able to leave my house. Hopefully the boys will decide to build a snowman, fort, or shovel (**crossing fingers**) and I will have a bit peace in this insane world of mind for a few hours. One can hope. :) you think I could convince the 10 yo that he does need a NAP?

Friday, January 14, 2005

Just call me Scarlet......

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Just keep knitting.....Just keep knitting.......

Yes, I'm still working on Logan's sweater. :eek:

I decided last night it was too long so I frogged the bottom of the back panel. Ummmm, did I mention I haven't started the front panel or sleeves as of yet? Yes folks there will be some marathon knitting going on this evening. :doh:

Thursday, January 13, 2005

'Ere ye have it, ye ole' skull and crossbones

Well I manage to almost completely finish the back of Logan's pirate sweater. I have to say working the skull and crossbones was definitely a treat after all of that stockingette. I've almost finished his skull.....then it's on to the front.

Close-up of the skull and crossbones, just a bit more to go.

Back of the skull and crossbones. I have to say I don't think it looks too messy where I twisted the yarn to change colors. Of course this is my first attempt so I really don't have a clue what it should look like. :P

Already called Mom to see if I can have the party over her house, that way I can just keep knitting and not have to worry about straightening up for the party. Works for me.

I feel like Dorie from Nemo; just keep knitting, just keep knitting, just keep knitting........... :)

Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Four years ago today.................

my sweet Logan was born. Boy does the time fly. Being a single mom I bounce back and forth between being totally overwhelmed with raising two boys by myself and then to the opposite extreme of loving every minute of it. For some reason the "loving every minute of it" revelations don't seem to last as long as the completely overwhelmed feelings. lol :)

Logan is quite a character. He loves pirates and prefers to be the bad guy as opposed to the good guys when playing make believe with his brother/friends. Is that good? I'm not sure. He definitely knows what he wants and doesn't give into peer pressure. I hope his preference for being a "bad boy" doesn't follow him into his teenage or adult years!

My parents, the boys and I went to Chuck E. Cheese to have a mini birthday celebration (his actual party is this Saturday). He had a blast!!!

Off to continue working on his pirate sweater.........only three more days. I better get my butt in gear, I'm not even finished the back!!!! Ack!!!!

Monday, January 10, 2005

Pirate Sweater on the Needles

I am so excited. I know it sounds silly but I just can't wait to finish this sweater, as I know my youngest son will absolutely love it!!!

I've started the back panel and have about 10 more inches to go before I start the skull and crossbones about 1 inch down from the collar. I'm using Plymouth Encore DK #670. Will post pics of my progress as soon as I get batteries for my digital camera.

The stockingette isn't as smooth as I hoped it would be. I'm not sure if it is my tension or the yarn or a little of both but since my son is 4 and will only get a few years out of it, I'm not going to obsess. At least I keep telling myself not to obsess. lol

Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Count down to the Capt'ns Birthday Party!!!!

Wow, it just seems like yesterday my youngest son was born. On January 11th he will turn 4 years old. He is growing up so quickly. As usual, I think just because Christmas is over I can relax and take a breath. Not so, I am now in a mad dash to knit him a pirate sweater. Yes, my son loves pirates as I mentioned before. We had talked about a Buzz Lightyear Party but I decided to change it to a Pirate party as a surprise. He will be so excited. Found a cake on-line shaped like a pirate ship Pirate Ship Cake that my sister so graciously offered to help me make for him and I've found dozens of games on line.

Here's my invitation I created which I'm quite proud of. : )

We are going to roll them up and place them in bottles with sand and fish/shells/sea horses and mail them out.

Off to the LYS to get smaller needles for his sweater as I could not get gauge last night. Nothing like working under a deadline!! lol