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Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Count down to the Capt'ns Birthday Party!!!!

Wow, it just seems like yesterday my youngest son was born. On January 11th he will turn 4 years old. He is growing up so quickly. As usual, I think just because Christmas is over I can relax and take a breath. Not so, I am now in a mad dash to knit him a pirate sweater. Yes, my son loves pirates as I mentioned before. We had talked about a Buzz Lightyear Party but I decided to change it to a Pirate party as a surprise. He will be so excited. Found a cake on-line shaped like a pirate ship Pirate Ship Cake that my sister so graciously offered to help me make for him and I've found dozens of games on line.

Here's my invitation I created which I'm quite proud of. : )

We are going to roll them up and place them in bottles with sand and fish/shells/sea horses and mail them out.

Off to the LYS to get smaller needles for his sweater as I could not get gauge last night. Nothing like working under a deadline!! lol


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hee hee, just checking to see what comments on may page would look like should anyone ever comment. :)


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