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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Krista Progress

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Tuesday, July 18, 2006


If any of you were wondering about my Tubular Camisole. I finally have a few pics. My big guy, he just turned 12 btw, helped me take a few pics over the weekend. I was a little bummed when seeing the pics as I think the front looked pretty good over my T-shirt, but, as you see, the back is HUGE!!!!

Still undecided with what I'm going to do. Options: 1) Frog, 2)Gift to someone, 3) Possibly take it in somehow or 4) Throw it in the washer and see what happens (100% wool). I think with #4 it would just shrink it in height not width which is what I need.

I finally started the Krista Tee from White Lies Designs. I'm loving the pattern. I got my knitting mojo working I think it is going to be a pretty quick knit. The pattern is easy enough to sail through quickly but w/ enough variations on the stitches that it keeps your interest.

Just and my boys.

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Sunday, July 09, 2006

Lovin' the Fabric

I have almost finished my sister's Twitterpated.

So now my thought are turning to fabric for the lining and what to use for handles. I have been silently coveting some Amy Butler fabric for some time. Ginger Bliss and Charm are gorgeous but I was in the mood to actually see, feel, touch the fabric so I was off to Joann's. While I didn't find anything close to the Amy Butler Fabric, I was happy with my purchase. All have a vintagey 60's kinda feel which is working for me.

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The pink and brown (#1 from left) and the brown multi-colored (#3 from left) are my options for the taupe purse. The yellow multi-colored (#2 from left - center) is for the pink yarn. The fabric is fun and I think goes well w/ the design.

Now I'm having issues w/ handles. Joann's are vinyl which are okay but I'm wondering if I should splurge on leather handles or maybe beaded handles like Norma used on her Sophie Bag. Aren't they beautiful? They are from Gibson Girl Design.

Hmmmmmm.......what to do. Any opinions?

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

The 4th

There is nothing like a few days off of work spending time w/ your kids and family, friends, etc...............

I've been knitting up Twitterpated as a gift for my sis. We turn the big 3-6 on the 20th of August. Did I ever mention I'm a twin? Yep, I am.

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I have about 6 inches or so to go and then I'm more or less FINITO except for the handle and the lining. I think this will be the first time in history that I finished a knitted gift prior to the actual birthday!!! Woo Hoo Baybee!!!!

Just because I think we were adorable, I'll share a baby pic.
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Can you guess which one is me?