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Thursday, February 24, 2005

Yummy Goodness

Would could resist this "yummy goodness"?!?!?!

This is going to be Knitty's

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Stash Enhancement

Since the beginning of the New Year, I have spent more time buying yarn, patterns and books than knitting on my WIPs.


Pirate Sweater
Natalia Gauntlets
Baby Sweater and Booties (Debbie Bliss Pattern)


Must Have Cardi
Multidirectional Sweater
Clapotis (I've bought four different yarns/color schemes for this project)

At this point I think it would probably be in my best interest not to purchase any more yarn, patterns, or books until I have, in the very least, finished my WIPs.

However, I'm sitting here contemplating joining the official/unofficial knit along at Knit Happens for the Wrap Sweater from Rebecca

it is done in GGH Kid is just TOO CUTE!

I'm thinking that the boys and I need to take a FIELD TRIP down to Knit Happens and check out the store!!
(we all know, that actually means buy the magazine as well as the yarn necessary to make the sweater and any other goodies that I would have to have or "I would just die"! :) )

Thursday, February 17, 2005

Am I being unreasonable?

All through blog world I'm reading reviews on Interweave Knits and Vogue Knitting's lastest magazines.

Now I treated myself to subscriptions to both of the mags at the first of the year. I received Winter copies of both mags. Both of which I had already purchased after which I decided to subscribe.

To date, I have not received either magazine.

If it is possible for individuals through the knitting blog world pick their new copies out of their mailboxes or for others to actually purchase them from magazine racks at LYS or craft stores. Wouldn't one think that I, as a subscriber to those magazines, should have already received my copies of their Spring mags? I mean people have had time to walk to the mailboxes or store, buy it, peruse it, read it, formulate their comments and post them on their blogs. I really am annoyed that I haven't received my copies as of yet.

Am I being unreasonable?