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Friday, January 21, 2005

Admitting defeat **head hanging**

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I admitted defeat and cried Arrrgh!!! on the pirate sweater. I didn't have it finished for the little one's birthday. I had hoped to finish his birthday weekend but alas, the obessive knitting energy I had prior to his birthday left me and I was, well, exhausted.

On a brighter note the Pirate Party was a success!! He loved his Peter Pan and Captain Hook Dolls. Oops, I mean Action Figures. Logan corrected me at the party. Said in his most outraged voice, "They are not dolls Mom!!" "Girls play with dolls, they are action figures!" I had to chuckle.

Expecting 6" - 12" of snow this weekend here in Maryland. While those of you live in colder climates may think that is nothing, here in Maryland a few inches closes schools and businesses or at least causes serious a delays. Traffic, don't even want to talk about what it does to traffic. So I hope to get much knitting done this weekend as I will not be able to leave my house. Hopefully the boys will decide to build a snowman, fort, or shovel (**crossing fingers**) and I will have a bit peace in this insane world of mind for a few hours. One can hope. :) you think I could convince the 10 yo that he does need a NAP?


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