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Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Sisters and hand knits

I finished my sister's OSW prior to our birthday!!! That in itself is a miracle here at CCK. Usually knitted goods are gifted after the holiday/birthday/special day, etc. However, this year I completed her b-day gift well in advance. Okay let's not even go into the fact that it is only a OSW; that it only takes, at the most, a skein of yarn and not much time to knit if we really wanted to break it down. Which we don't. All that matters is that she, my sister, loved it. There was the matter of it being a bit tight under the arm, so in the future I'm going to try the sleeves with circs or not go down a needle size as we wouldn't want to cut off anyone's circulation. Oh did I mention due to the fact that it was a bit snug under the arms (okay one arm to be exact), I guilted myself into buying and making this for her also as a belated birthday gift. I just must like being late, behind, and stressed!!!

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larger view of the front

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larger view of the back


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