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Wednesday, July 13, 2005

FO Baby!!!

Spirits are high in Charm City as I have finished my 1st FO since I started blogging. Can you feel the excitement in the air?

My lovely niece, Hobbes (yes it's her nickname), turned 13 this past June. A teenager already, wasn't she just born yesterday? Her crafty Aunt Lora, yes I'm talking about myself, just had to make her something. More specifically knit her something. Well Miss Hobbie(another nickname) loved the yarn and purse pattern I sent her sometimes knittin Momma. So of course, I rushed out and ordered some yarn in a cooler color that a 13 yo would love to make her a purse for her b-day. Crystal Palace Deco Ribbon Print Yarn in Seafoam 7236 to be exact. The pattern can be found here.

Hob-a-lu (you guessed it, another nickname) was more than happy to model her purse for me and let me snap a few pics while we were celebrating her cousin's, my son's, 11th b-day last weekend.

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Isn't lovely against my Mom's geraniums?

Here is a close-up while casually hanging from Hobbes' arm.
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And here she is with her I don't have a care in the world persona while looking away from the camera.*

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*excuse my Mother's neighbor's messy yard.

This last pic I just had to include. My sister felt the purse could also do double duty as a hat! Some people will just do about anything to have their picture posted on my knitting blog. ;)


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