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Monday, May 23, 2005

Yarn acquisition has ceased

It had to happen. One could only buy so much yarn for an extended period of time before they see the impact on their budget. Let's get real here, I'm a single Mom. I'm just going to have to STOP acquiring yarn for awhile and complete some of my projects that I have lovingly stockpiled. Of course, now I'm obessessed with using all my yarn, which is ridiculous. I mean it's not like every skein of yarn will disappear from the face of the earth, right?!?! ***calm down, breathe, breathe, breathe***

I actually made my non-yarn buying pact a few weeks ago and have successfully not purchased any fiber. However, I did treat myself to these, which are heavenly. Lovely needles and this is coming from a Addi's Turbo gal. I will no longer snub bamboo needles.

Then I realized there was an issue w/ my non-yarn buying pact; the issue is there are too many other notions I could purchase (see my lovely NEW interchangeable needle set above). So I decided that I would modify my pact and include the all knitting goodies in an effort to curtail some serious damage.

I must confess, however, that I did to have exchange some Calmer. No big deal right, I mean that isn't a purchase. Hmmm......did I mention it also included purchasing an additional 3 balls? Entirely not my fault. I initially bought the Calmer for "MagKnits Nothin' but a T shirt" shirt for my niece's birthday. I was going to use the face of the monkey (on the backpack) from SnB Book on the front of the T. Too cute for words, right? Anyway, my sister in her "I know my daughter better than you" judgement nixed the idea (and yes, I was rolling my eyes as I was typing). Now my niece is teeny and 5 balls of calmer wasn't going to make anything that would fit my voluptuous body thereby causing the yarn addition (I refuse to see it as a purchase). See I'm really work hard to make sure I use up as much of my stash as possible before I buy more. :p

So starting today and until I complete all of my projects down to the last three (why three?? I don't know it sounded good), I am under a non-buying any knitting or fiberie (sp?) goodness pact. God help me please! **bowing head**


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